Sunday, January 27, 2008

Fake Query 16

Alone in a world inhabited by Multiples, Al Fishton is bullied and teased at school, until the Dark Triplets descend and an ancient prophecy is uncovered. Now he must take up his destiny as . . . Singleton. (Singleton)

Dear Mr Evil,

Al Fishton was an only child, a fact that made his life miserable. You see, in the world of Doppelganger everyone has an indentical twin, twins that are psyhically linked to each other. For years Al was ridiculed in school for his lack of psychic talent. Many a day he spent ditching with fellow misfit, Jack Whiting, those twin was killed in a freak accident.

Mick, Mark and Matt were rare identical triplets. Hailed for their superior psychic abilities, the Darks where treated as royalty, a position thet decided to make permanent. By using their combined psychic link, they discovered they could enslave the town of Doublet and perhaps, the world.

Unaffected by their power and alone, Al uncovered an ancient prophecy that spoke of a single hero. Now Al believes he must find the courage and find a way to defeat the Darks and save Jack and the town.

Newbe Lurker


Sam said...

This reminds me sort of of the Midwich Cuckoos - a book with really creepy children and psychic powers! A winning combination!

Sarah Laurenson said...

Nice work on expanding on the plot. I like the storyline here.

If this was the real McCoy - I suggest you hit spell check before submitting.

Stacia said...

This is cool!

Sam, it reminded me of the Simpsons episode where Bart sold his soul to Milhouse, and he has that dream where everyone is in a boat with their souls but he's just paddling in circles.

You see how highbrow my influences are.

Robin S. said...

I always like it when the misfits take on the powermongers. I really do.

Anonymous said...

Hey, that was MY GTP!!! Cool. Thanks for taking it on!

Anonymous said...

Thanks to all of you, it was fun to write. And Sarah, being an awful speller, I have always used spell check. What I didn’t pay attention to was the error message just before it wrote “spelling and grammar check complete”. I wrote this in a hurry and submitted it in the last hour of deadline. I was too tired to recheck. Thanks for the heads up, Microsoft fixed the problem today. It pays to remember computers programs can malfunction.


Xiexie said...

hey newbie, you have a good plot here. Nice take. Gonna write it?

Robin S. said...

Hey newbie,

Wish you would give yourself a name and come and play.

Chris Eldin said...

Welcome, Newbie!

This isn't the kind of story I'd read, but I think it's a great take on the GTP.

Anonymous said...

Actually, this is quite a funny jive on all those typical fantasy story pomposities.

To the GTP writer--I still love the idea of the Dark Triplets. It sounds creepy and ridiculous at the same time.