Wednesday, January 02, 2008

2007 Face-Lift Awards

Every nominee received at least one first-place vote, but two of them eventually pulled away from the crowd.

A Cold Dark Place.....17 votes

The Ivory Tower.....19 votes

Return to Empire.....19 votes

Second Time Around.....20 votes

Bear Tamer.....20 votes

The Postcard.....20 votes

Mathias Corvinus and the Dragon's Order.....27 votes

Eel River.....34 votes

Sunshine Kids Make Money.....42 votes

With Gloves Off.....47 votes


Nancy Beck said...

Yes - the top one was the one I chose (for a change ;-)). How could anybody resist werewolf popes? :-)

Robin S. said...

I agree, Nancy - this was my favorite! Werewolf popes, complete with evidence (portraits). Gotta love it.

Dave Fragments said...

I really liked the Happy Little Toaster rant. I reminded me of my second ex-wife's court testimony during her commitment trial.
Crazy popes come and go but crazy ex-wife's live on in "Famy" Arkansas.

Chris Eldin said...

You already know how I feel about the muffin.

McKoala said...

All funny (of course), but I loved the pope one too!

Anonymous said...


I was gunnin' for EEL river, but the Pope [and EE's blue words] are definitely the top choice prime of the side of the blog'o'sphere, this year!!

If not for the EE comments I would never have stuck around long enough to make it through that plot description. And heroic fantasy would be right up my. . .

“Oh, my. You outdid yourself on this one, EE.”

“Man, that was too funny, EE. One for the ages.”

“Oh my gosh that planet list is too funny. Thanks, EE”

“OMG, EE! You made my night. Maybe my week.”

“EE was hysterical again!”

“This post should have come with a warning label. I think I snorted nearly an entire cup of fresh Earl Grey tea onto my keyboard.

Thank you, thank you for the tips and the laughs.”

“I NEARLY poured several vats of freshly brewed coffee on my keyboard, CPU, iPod, blender, ZIP drive and optical scanner because I roared with laughter at EE's joke about banana peels!!!! I ALMOST ruined my keyboard, CPU, iPod, blender, ZIP drive and optical scanner!”

EE, very fine form this time. I am tempted to like the humor of the query because I laughed so much at the comments. But really, I only laughed at the comments... the query fell flat for me, even after I found out it was satire. After I found out it was satire, the only parts that made me smile at all were the gnomes (possibly due to EE's treatment in the GTP entry) and the "even more secretly" bug.

Congrats EE!!