Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Vacation's Over

Time to get back to work. I need your query letters, openings to your novels and short stories, continuations for the openings already waiting, and fake plots.


Dave Fragments said...

I have spare fight scenes if anyone wants to borrow one.

BTW - What did the zombie say after the New Years Party?

pacatrue said...

Somehow EE seems a natural with a whip giving orders. Or so robin s tells me.

(Isn't robin under some sort of no sexual innuendo bet for a while? If so, I'm going to enjoy this.)

none said...

It'd only be another Aquilla scene anyway :D.

Phoenix Sullivan said...

But Buffysquirrel, you just HAVE to submit something. I'm fast becoming an Aquilla fangirl! Besides, it's getting to be something of a challenge to piece together all the Aquilla scenes in the right order so the story makes sense -- and I like challenges :o)

So, who's in charge of the blog pool for how long it takes Robin to slip up and sex it up? I know nanoseconds is already taken...

Blogless Troll said...

I think the over/under is Jan 21st.

none said...

Far be it from me to refuse a request from my fan! (well, okay, Aquilla's fan)

Robin S. said...

Hey, you all. I just saw this discussion.
Actually, believe it or not, I'm doing a bar fight scene from my currently-being-reread-and-reworked-like-an-insane-person (that would be me) novel - it's from the Eugene chapter posted as a New Beginning a while back. There's not even an innuendo in sight, people. Although I do think like that without paying attention, so...

As long as EE gives us the choice of doing scenes, and as long as they aren't sex scenes, I can last a long, long while. (Whoops- that was close, but I really mean it, so no innuendo.)

And oh, yeah, blogless. WAY past 1/21.

Also- I need to know what I'm supposed to pay up to the potential pool winner. Some Amazon thing, I'm guessing, would be good.

McKoala said...

I think it was my big idea, but I can't remember how long I gave her. Um, which thread was it? Should we vote again? Should we ask EE very nicely to start a thread where we can post our estimates?! Please EE?