Tuesday, January 01, 2008

2007 New Beginning Awards

Voting was light, and close. All five received votes. The nominees were all deserving, so rather than extend the deadline, here's the order of finish:

5th Place. New Beginning 210

4th Place. New Beginning 215

3rd Place. New Beginning 205

2nd Place. New Beginning 221

1st Place . New Beginning 207


Robin S. said...

Is the vote for the combined best opening and continuation, or just the continuation?

Evil Editor said...

The continuation is the main factor, though the opening is important in that part of the criteria for a good continuation (along with the humor/shock value) involves maintaining the author's style/tone.

Evil Editor said...

Bill H.

Just to make sure I have your votes right, if you had written

07: 3

Would that mean New Beginning 207 gets 3 points, or the seventh New Beginning on the list gets three points?

Anonymous said...

Um, so the one at the bottom of the list is the winner (#1)?

Evil Editor said...

Yes. The final vote count was:

210: 3
215: 8
205: 10
221: 12
207: 15

Dave Kuzminski said...

Just a friendly reminder that the 11th annual P&E Reader Poll is now open. You can find it at URL http://www.critters.org/predpoll/ .

talpianna said...

Aha! I was wondering why the best two came in last, till I had it pointed out to me that the list is in reverse order.

Evil Editor said...

People will naturally read from top to bottom, so it's better that the pieces get progressively better than progressively worse. (Though in this case they were all worthy.)

Robin S. said...

Congrats, McK, on your win. I loved your list. Looks like you're pretty good at being, uh, diabolical.

McKoala said...

I'm delighted! NB EE added the ending, which is probably the best bit.

I didn't vote, sorry, didn't even know this was on. Sometimes these things are over before I even notice (note to self: must visit even more often).

Chris Eldin said...

OMG! McKoala, that continuation was priceless!! I didn't have time to vote for this round, but I would've picked that as my favorite. (Although they were all very good)

Anonymous said...

Seems I missed the first post on this too! But I had it narrowed down to #207 or (a gratuitous nod to EE & Pac) #205. Although I'm happy to seem that 2 of ril's made it to the top five, because for me, it certainly was a ril of a

"But I woke up to find my New Year's cake fully frosted, and the birch did seem dream-like just like James said"

Happy New Year! Everyone!!

Anonymous said...

Oh and PS Congrats McKoala!!

Phoenix Sullivan said...

As EE says, they're all worthy of honor. When I saw they were up for the vote, I opened them all up, read through them, couldn't decide, kept them open all day long to think about them, and in the end, simply closed all the windows and took the low road by not voting at all :o)

May the New Year bring prosperity and publishing credits to all!

ril said...

Ah, McKoala -- a worthy winner indeed. That continuation had class written all over it the first time I saw it!

Just goes to show, it's quality, not quantity, that counts.