Thursday, January 17, 2008

Novel Deviations 3 . . .

. . . should be available any minute. You may order now.

Besides the usual slew of the best New Beginnings, this volume has a Bad Analogy theme, with Minions' bad analogies filling the empty spaces, and a dedication, introduction, acknowledgements and afterword with bad analogies. Also a couple New Beginnings that played with that theme.

The cover price is $10.95, but like all EE's books, it's $9.00 if you order from Shipping costs are the same no matter how many of this or other books you order, assuming they go to the same address.

If you want a signed copy, there's a place in the ordering process for special instructions. It will be signed "Evil Editor," unless you specify something else you want it to say, like: To LuAnne/My heart beats for you./Evil Editor.


Dave Fragments said...

It works for me.

Chris Eldin said...

Is there a discount if you buy the set? More importantly, do all the colors match?
Do you have a section for clipart? Why didn't you let the minions vote on your clipart?
Are they good as coffee-table decorations? Can you hang them from a Christmas tree?

Who is LuAnne?

(can't wait to get a copy!)

Phoenix Sullivan said...

For some reason, CL, your post made me think of Dr. Seuss.

More Novel Deviations!
What to do with these creations?

Why, you can buy them by the batch
just to see their colors match.

You can decorate your table
Or mount them to your gable.

You can read them with your tea
Or hang them from your tree.

You can paper train your dog
Or feed them to your hog.

You can stand them on their ends
Or give them to your friends.

You can trade them for some cash
Or throw them in the trash.

But whatever else you do,
Go write them a review;

Post it out for all to see --
Amazon: ND3.*

(Why? Because if you refuse,
EE will write his own reviews!)

*But not now. You have to wait till ND3 is available from Amazon.

Robin S. said...

Oh, phoenix - such a good one, girl!

Chris Eldin said...

Hahahah!! Phoenix, you have found your calling....

Anonymous said...

Wooohooo! Mine's ordered!

Robin S. said...


Any idea when the book mailing will begin?

Evil Editor said...

They'll be mailed no later than Monday.

Dave Fragments said...

Sorry to say, but you won't mail them after the PO closes on Saturday until it reopens on Tuesday morning. It's Martin Luther King Day and a federal holiday on Monday.