Sunday, January 27, 2008

Fake Query 14

When your yappy little dog shits on the neighbor’s carpet; after your mother-in-law says hello; right before the waitress brings the check. (A time to Say Goodbye)

Dear Illustrious Agent:

Ever since she was little, Sithandra had the power to predict absolute certainties concerning the future. Without fail, she would envisage an irksome close of moments and events. A TIME TO SAY GOODBYE is an 80,000 word chick-lit story following the life of a teenage girl who aspires to become a renowned psychic like her mom, Miss Cleo, but finds that she has an even greater impact on the world.

Growing up in a psychic family, Sithandra's ability wasn't unusual. Her spot-on predictions could have made her a legend, but the troubling finality of her visions discouraged her, making her voice largely unheard.

Governor Ted Lamartine, former FCC Chairman and proud Miss Cleo aficionado, learned of Sithandra's exact predictions. Mired in a deeply competitive race for president and hoping to find out the results beforehand, Governor Lamartine seeks out Sithandra after promising Miss Cleo a deal to reach more Americans television audience through his FCC connections.

Sithandra instantly envisages the election's outcome and its horrible impact on the United States and the world. She tries her best to hide the details from Governor Lamartine. Desperate not to live that certain future, she decides to change the election's outcome by any means necessary.

My mother was a psychic much like Professor Trelawney of the Harry Potter series – a bit kooky and demisable; yet when her predictions were correct, they were gravely important. I've picked up on her ability and routinely give readings. I am a professional astrologer for the Washington Post: Express and the Examiner. I am actively using my gift to pay my way through college. A synopsis is included as per your request.



Sarah Laurenson said...

Ha Ha!

"I picked you because I knew you were going to love my book and we would both become wealthy."

Phoenix Sullivan said...

Hi, Xiexie, that was a very, um, interesting re-envisioning of the plot prompt. And congratulations, you're the second person who's made me hit today. Demisable. Can't wait to use it in my own sentence! :o)

Robin S. said...

Wow, you took a very basic ball and ran with it in a really fun way!

Gonna write it?

Dave Fragments said...

Remember Sibyl the Soothsayer from NETWORK?
Besides being lots of possible fun, think of the recent movies with "view of the future" plots.
This could work.

PJD said...

Isn't this basically The Dead Zone?

But, as robin and phoenix said, you took something that had little to go on and made it pretty rich. And the MC's situation is different enough from The Dead Zone that you could make it work.

Anonymous said...

Way to expand on what you're given!

Xiexie said...

Thanks everyone. As for it's similarities to The Dead Zone, I never read the book or have seen the series but I do know he has future visions right?
Will I right this? Well the more I read it, the more fun the idea becomes to write. I think I may.

Chris Eldin said...

Great take on this!! Write it!
Now I also need to look up demisable...

Anonymous said...

excellent riff on what was a pretty difficult GTP -- in fact, I think you had the worst GTP of all to try to work with. There was no story in that one at all to help you.

Actually, now that I think about it, some of the "Jumbie Mon" plots would probably have tipped this one for difficulty--but only just.

Jumbie Mon. A year later, and I still walk around saying, "Jumbie Mon" and collapse into laughter...