Sunday, January 27, 2008

Fake Query 9

Tracey Robinson wasn't supposed to even go to her aunt's wedding, but a last minute change of plans had her driving south. Little did she know that a chance encounter with a dashing stranger at a rest stop would end with her engaged to the antichrist, who has at his command a thousand zombies waiting to take over the world. (Chance Encounter)

Dear Evil Editor,

I'd like to submit my 80,000 word dark comedy 'Zombie! Zombie!' for your consideration.

Rex Dedly, a morgue lab assistant with a penchant for power, has decided to rule the world with an army of undead. Everything is going as planned - until he meets Tracey Robinson, the buxom blonde who turns the letters in 'Guess That Noun!' on Channel Five. When Rex runs into her at a rest stop, he knows it's fate, kismet, and his only chance at nabbing the girl of his dreams. So he nabs her and runs, intending to convince Tracey to become Queen of the World.

But Tracey isn't convinced. Having zombies wait on you is fine - until parts of them start falling into the soup. She might be blonde and she might be a bimbo - she's decided that the fate of the world depends on her. Tracey manages to thwart Rex's plans when she calls MUBI (the Mutant and Undead Bureau of Investigation), and enlists the help of their newest recruit, Fiona Tipple, ex vamp addict, now in charge of the zombie fraud section. Together, Tracey and Fiona single-handedly destroy the zombie horde and crush Rex Dedly’s dastardly plans of mass destruction.




Robin S. said...

Hey Jennifer-

You should definitely write this!

It's something every woman has to learn- you just can't trust those morgue guys, with their penchants for power. (Doesn't he seem like that little jerkweed kinda guy we all dated one of- and, if there's a God, only one of?)

Sarah Laurenson said...

How fun!

Dave Fragments said...

MUBI ? ? ? ?

That's funny and has so many possibilities.

Phoenix Sullivan said...

jennifer - who are you and where have you been?

Having zombies wait on you is fine - until parts of them start falling into the soup.

Oh, LOL!

Stacia said...

Love this one!!

Chris Eldin said...

Write it!!
Include a soup recipe...

Anonymous said...

Well done.