Monday, March 03, 2008

Cartoon 8

Caption: Evil Editor

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Anonymous said...

What? Is this one too scary to comment on? EE goes out on a limb and apprently he's climbed it all on his own, huh?

Well, considering I think the whole deal is a storyteller's dream come true, only in that everybody ate it up and believed long after it should've been accepted as the excellent fiction that it is, I find this funny.

I also find it find it funny that there have been no comments.

I also don't think Mary Magdelene and her chalice V thingie show up too well in this pic. Because that whole schtick is true as well. Oh yeahhhhhh.

Anonymous said...


Dave Fragments said...

Well, it's not a good copy of the Last Supper by Leonardo Da Vinci. He didn't own wine goblets.

However, this is a good copy of the Next-To-Last-MLT-Brunch that they had a few weeks before his visit to Jerusalem. It was the first time that the Rabbi's sanctioned cold cuts. 8-(

BTW - it's 7pm on 4 March and the Primary Results are starting. I'm a political JUNKIE and manically happy tonight. It's an even stranger madness than the Gentle Madness that Nick Basbanes describes and the Totally-Wacko madness we all suffer as writers.