Sunday, March 02, 2008

Cartoon 6

Caption: Pacatrue

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Evil Editor said...

Unchosen Captions:

Okay, once this caption was voted in (by a narrow margin) there was no need for the dartboard to look like a window, so I touched it up, and now the unchosen captions that had the dartboard being a window make less sense, but you get the idea. feels like I'm paralysed - only much more intense.--Whirlochre

"Pull the blind, would you? That guy in the alley is givin' me the creeps..." --Anonymous

"He can't be mad at us, Bob. After all, he spends all his time blogging."--Pacatrue

Eeny, meeny , miny, moe..." --Blogless_Troll

I can pierce his ear like this, but I need him profile to pierce his nipple. --Sarah

So I click on EE's blog and see a cartoon showing a man in therapy. I got the perfect caption for it, you know? Only some dude thinks his is the best one, see? I'll show him. --Christine Eldin

"Mark me down for two bloody eyes. How much do I get for a nose bleed again?"--Scott

Tell him: no, they shouldn't've put no comma there 'cos it's separatin' consecutive actions in the predicate. Then shut the fuckin' window. --Anonymous

pacatrue said...

Was that really my caption?? I remember putting the blogging one in, but this one's a blank. Cool. I must have been on a writing high (but if someone else claims it, it's probably theirs).

Evil Editor said...

Actually, yours was "Somehow, it's just as fun every time, eh, Bob?"

I didn't want to give myself credit and have you complain that I stole your idea.

Anonymous said...

Well now I know where the extra vote came from.


pacatrue said...

Don't worry. I'll always hate you anyway, you bastard.

Robin S. said...

Good one, paca-EE.

Chris Eldin said...


Good one, Paca!!