Thursday, March 06, 2008

Cartoon 12

Caption: Evil Editor

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Evil Editor said...

Unchosen Captions:

How can I ever thank you for giving me such a huge advance, Mr. Publisher.--Peggy Ullman Bell

Check your shoe, darlin'. I think you just stepped in one of them writers. *Giggle.* --anon.

So I said, yes, loss and regret is the underlying premise, but you cannot deny that Mr. Adams' quintessential brilliance was in the way he juxtaposed that thematic element against the cute li'l bunnies. --anon.

Wow! And to think, when you said you wanted to try a Danish Twist, I thought you were still talking about my bakery!--anon

Why, you're quite the line-dancer, ain't yer, Mister? But why ain't yer bending that leg? --anon

I'm so lucky. I really don't deserve him. --Sarah

Sarah Laurenson said...

Huh. You only got one of mine for this? Or are you not wanting to print the other one? It was a bit, shall we say, sacrilegious.

Good job, everyone! Love these captions.

Evil Editor said...


Other unchosen caption:

Thy rod and thy staff. They comfort me. --Sarah

Anonymous said...

Oh damn. That one's my favorite.


Wes said...

The Danish Twist grabbed my attention.