Friday, March 21, 2008

Cartoon 29

Caption: EE

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Evil Editor said...

Unchosen Captions:

Ahh. Yes. I see a funny continuation. It will be chosen. The author's name --Blogless_Troll

That's a good question, toots, but before I answer, let me rub my ball...--Anonymous

Auguries of your future?
Or bubblegum dreams to pop?--WO

...and here, inside this globe, I have the head of Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Look! Snow!--anon.

And this, my pretties, is to remind you -- you'll never make it as writers if you have crystal balls...--anon.

If I'd foreseen how many cheesy captions I'd get, I'd never have started this contest.--McKoala

I'm an editor, not a soothsayer. If I could see the future, do you really think I'd be wasting my talents on you pitiful creatures? Heck, no! I'd be writing the next bestseller myself!--Precie

Even with my crystal ball, I'm having trouble seeing why your "Harry Potter" clone is any different from all the rest.--Benwah

Stacia said...

Now THAT is evil.

Sarah Laurenson said...

Oooohhh. Aaaahhhh. Publish America! Be still my beating heart.

Good one!

Dave Fragments said...

I Griseld, kaween of the gypsies see your past and future. You will be born of mother and father and you will find growing up difficult. SO will your children and their children, all born of two parents. The ball sees the future and your pathetic life. I foresee a burning fire chastising your body when you do the most intimate of matters.Magdalene's got it and now, so do you. The sun will rise on your work efforts tomorrow but on the third day, a huge ball of hot gas will rise in its place. I Griselda see all of this. I see the thunderstruck tower with wheels akimbo and doors ajar. You should not swim with Woge, GUnda and FLossiess. They are diseased and will give you a big hand. Keep the raincoat and close the zipper.

talpianna said...

Inquiring Moles want to know: Is Dave F. truly a profoundly wise and learned savant, or just barking mad?

Robin S. said...

Mean butt.

Dave Fragments said...

I don't bark. I rarely bite.
And never merely certifiably mad...

Robin S. said...

Hey, tal, the way this looks, my comment following yours, it looks like I'm calling you a mean butt.

But no worries- I'm talking about EE.

talpianna said...

No problemo, Robin, as I have no idea what "mean butt" means--insult or callipygian compliment? Hey, I learned smegma already today and am maxed out on new words.