Sunday, March 23, 2008

Cartoon 30

Caption: Freddie

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Evil Editor said...

For those who don't get the cartoon, you probably weren't here when EE was describing his interactions with scammers. You can catch up by visiting and following the links back to the beginning.

Unchosen captions:

But befores I cans edit dis book, I's gots to eat this spinach, hyuk, hyuk, hyuk... anon

"You know me as 'Evil Editor'--but in reality I am....THE TOOTH FAIRY! Bwahahahahaha!"--Tal

My face on the hundred dollar bill - or I begin slaughtering minions one at a time!


As a successful editor and publisher I dress well and eat well every day. On the down side, it's months since I saw my own feet. --anon.

I say! Three American dollars to the first chap who locates my shoes. --anon.

Anonymous said...

Good one, freddie. You're on a tear.

I wanted to send something in for this one, but I could only come up with something about the green in EE's hands being the leaves of a tasty banana tree. Then I got a closer look, and I saw the freen things were money.

Then my muse took a sabbatical.

But yours sure didn't!


fairyhedgehog said...

Nice one, Freddy!

That link didn't work for me, EE.

Evil Editor said...

Did you paste it in your browser? Works for me. It's not actually a link.

Chris Eldin said...


McKoala said...

This picture was annoying me. Thank you for coming up with such a good caption, Freddie!

fairyhedgehog said...

Yes, I did cut and paste into my browser, but I got the message 'blog not found'.

I also browsed your blog but couldn't find it either. Sorry.

Evil Editor said...

Did you include the .html at the end?

fairyhedgehog said...

It was worth all the faffing around to get to that link trail, EE.

So, have you now got the millions and are you going to share them with your minions? Just let us know how much we can each have and post your bank details up on the blog. We'll do the rest.