Friday, April 25, 2008

Cartoon 80

Caption: EE

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Evil Editor said...

Unchosen Continuations:

Hey, is that all the thanks I get for giving you something to stand on? --anon

I'm SORRY, babe, I promise: that's the last time I throw water on your mother and try to float her back out to sea. --anon.

Don't... Move... Almost... Finished... --anon.

Honest, darlin': Hasselhof got the idea from ME... --anon.

Thanks. I'd never have got over this wall without something firm to stand on. --anon

I've got bigger breasts than that.--writtenwyrdd

Mind how you go there, sweetie; don't want any split infinitives. --anon.

Wanna see my pec flex nipple dance routine? --Whirlochre

The sea is so cold I've shrunk—but I figure I can still swing this one...--anon

Dammit! I forgot my nipple ring.--blogless_troll

I'll show you my query if you show me your full. --anon.

Did you see a pair of swim trunks wash ashore?--EE

It won't be long now until she sees these and she's overcome with the urge to play...Come in, Rangoon.--Robin

So THAT's what they look like peeled. --anon.

Chris Eldin said...


Bonnie said...


Wes said...

One of the best cartoons yet!!!

pacatrue said...

Nicely done, EE.

Robin S. said...

OK, EE. Yours really is the freakin' best. I wanted it to be about those weird laser-y little nipples of yours.

But your caption kicks my caption's hind end.

McKoala said...

Ha! funny.

Anonymous said...

So the pickup line works!

Robin S. said...

Hey- that pickup line wouldn't have worked on me.

I'd have dunked the guy, and kept him down there for a few.

But it's still funny.