Sunday, April 27, 2008

#12 (Tal)


Robin S. said...


Where are the moles, girl?

Love the undead meerkats and Blanche. Looks like Attack of the Something Woman, gone wild, from the late night movie stuff.

Dave Fragments said...

I like this. Inventive. But, Blanche looks like she's relieving her bladder.

Chris Eldin said...

Love meerkats!
This is another nicely done poster!!

Whirlochre said...

This needs filming.

Can I volunteer to do the sound effects?

Julie Weathers said...

But, Blanche looks like she's relieving her bladder.~

Phffft. It's a classic.

Legs spread just enough to be inviting. Skirt, sarong, wrap, tantalizing and inviting, making every teen boy examine it with a magnifying glass to see everything in minute detail. Heaving breasts, again barely covered, thrust forward in invitation. Butt and legs flexed to show off taut muscle lines. Arm positioned so it either points to the hip, the pelvis or follows the line of the long, lean legs. Eyes closed or nearly closed in passion. Full sensuous lips slightly parted.

Yep, classic pose and not at all easy to do. Tip just a little bit too far forward and the full lips are from you falling on your face and getting a busted mouth. Hours and hours of practice to get it right. Or so I have heard.

Kiersten White said...

Good old Blanche. Way to incorporate a GTP.

Ulysses said...

Further proof that you can't turn your back on those meerkats. Undead or not, they'll getcha.

Julie: I don't know whether to blush or ask for your phone number.

talpianna said...

Robin, the moles are underground, hiding from the undead meerkats.

I did give EE the pic from the poster of ATTACK OF THE 50-FOOT WOMAN to create this.

McKoala said...

Zombie meerkats, almost as good as zombie cows. far are we from a zombie mole?

Nancy Beck said...

This is absolutely fantastic - undead (zombie?) meerkats and good ol' Blanche.

Love it! :-)

Nancy Beck said...

But, Blanche looks like she's relieving her bladder.

Maybe Dave would prefer the art of Art Frahm (this is just the index page):

C'mon, who can't enjoy a woman's panties falling while carrying a shopping bag with celery?

As James Lileks states

Celery + Gravity = Art


talpianna said...

How far are we from a zombie mole?

How far is it to Scotland?

Defiant to the Last

The following incredible tale entitled "Mole Kills Herring Gull" was submitted to the journal Scottish Birds. (Lyster, 1972)

On July 12th 1972 R. Mack found a freshly dead Herring Gull lying in a field ... Protruding from the angle between the neck and left wing was the head of a dead mole. The bodies were sent to the royal Scottish Museum for a more detailed study.

The conclusions were as follows: the mole had been swallowed alive and probably undamaged. As it was swallowed it had made a 2 cm tear in the top of the gull's oesophagus; from the oesophagus it had passed into the thoracic cavity and into the highly distensible crop-like stomach. The mole then tore through the stomach wall, forced its way through the arch of the furculum (wish-bone) until it came to rest, as discovered, with its head and forelimbs outside the body of the gull. Smears of blood on the gull's neck-feathers suggest that the gull was still alive at this point, though it must have soon succumbed because of the severe damage to the lungs and blood vessels around the heart.

...It would appear that the mole died of suffocation, coupled with exhaustion and shock.

talpianna said...

The one thing I don't understand is why the zombie meerkats came out looking so much like poodles--especially the hissing one.

Top pic here (which is mislabeled) is the original:

Julie Weathers said...

Julie: I don't know whether to blush or ask for your phone number.~

Sorry, did I embarrass you? What are you going to do when EE gets his minions together for some action packed and posed EE's Angels?