Saturday, April 12, 2008

Cartoon 60

Caption: Evil Editor

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Dave Fragments said...

I wasn't home this afternoon.

1) It's a Pyotorovich Kasso original. He's the only one that signs P.Kasso.

Evil Editor said...

Unchosen captions:

There. That should keep the cats off the tomatoes.--iago

Ah. The Evil Editor.He's my hero. They say it was those hairy jowls the ladies longed for.--Robin

Hm. Maybe I preferred it when there was just the hole... --anon.

What the hell kind of hotel puts artwork like THIS on the walls? --anon.

There. I've been wanting to paint over those crappy sunflowers for years. --anon.

It came with the frame, but it's strangely compelling... --anon