Thursday, December 24, 2009

Cartoon 543

Caption: anon.

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Robin B. said...

Heh. I'd love to see in that package.

Merry Christmas Eve, EE!

Evil Editor said...

Unchosen captions:

How sweet! You used the exact same paper and ribbon I gave you last year!--anon.

Oh, it was no trouble -- the gas station's open all night. --anon.

I bought it off the internet. In fact as soon as I got the e-mail, I thought of you... --anon. anyway, if John does drop by this year, give him this and say it's from me. --anon.

Ticking noise? No I don't hear any... --MR

Well, it's leaking white powder, so it's either from a very angry minion, or a very grateful one... --MR

Happy Christmas! Don't worry about the ticking noise, it's perfectly normal. --Steve Wright

Sorry it's late -- all that turkey had me a little bunged up... --anon

You know, you really didn't have to write this into my contract. --anon.

No, no -- The present's here, in my hands... --anon.