Saturday, December 19, 2009

Announcing . . .

Evil Editor

Order it at


Mother (Re)produces. said...

The trailer is a scream, but I'd have give away my secret identity to order it :o)

How much for overseas postage? Or could you just do a pay pal thing and let us down load it?

Evil Editor said...

I think I'm set up to charge about $10 for all overseas shipments, which is a bit more than the actual cost to Europe, and a bit less than the actual cost to Japan/Australia. It's easier to just use an average.

Downloading doesn't allow you to watch it on television, but if there's demand I'll consider it.

C. Pinheiro said...

Hi, EE
You could always do a color or B/W version with CreateSpace-- and let them supply the ISBN for you. That means you caould publish a little paperback for only the cost of the proof, about $10. I know you probably don't need anyone to do any editing or formatting-- I'm sure you have the connections or know-how to do that yourself.

Then your fans could order it as they wished from Amazon or from your website. If the book is less than 100 pages, your royalty would be about $3-4 per copy and

I would be happy to forward you a copy of my book if you want to use CreateSpace-- it's a Step-by-Step Guide to setting up a title and publishing it with CreateSpace.

By the way, CreateSpace and BookSurge merged last week, which I think is the deathknell for all the vanity publishers-- Amazon really is going to take over.

E-mail me at cpsilva AT Comcast DOT Net if you want me to send you a copy.

I think you should go for it-- publishing the cartoons. It sounds like it would be funny. You don't have much to lose, right?

Evil Editor said...

A book of 100 pages would have about half as many cartoons as the DVD, while costing customers more. Plus, the cartoons in the book would be smaller than they are on the blog, while on the DVD they can be twenty times the size they are on the blog, depending on how big your television is.

ril said...

Sounds like fun. I would get one.

Robin B. said...

I'll want one. And I have a couple of minions in mind to send one to, so I'd need three or four.

Chris Eldin said...

LOL @ Robin because she got me EE stuff for Christmas the past two years. It's my turn to buy.
Sounds fun! I'm in.

pacatrue said...

I'd probably buy it. I'd almost certainly watch in on my computer, not the TV, so a download would be maximally convenient for me.