Saturday, May 03, 2008

Cartoon 89

Caption: Blogless_troll

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Robin S. said...

Good one, BT. Now we know EE's secret. I've been wondering what it was.

Evil Editor said...

Unchosen captions:

Well actually I'm a Scarlet Macaw, but it's a common mistake... --ril

No, actually I'm only minimally sexually dimorphic. --ril

Militant Moles? Sounds good to me! And when yer done with Jack Sparrow's bio, gimme yer proofs and I'm off to Tea with the Snark and the poodle."--ME

...and you won't find THAT in the Urban Dictionary!

You know, I can show the writer of that manuscript that everyone truly is a critic.--freddie

Are those cracker crumbs on your lips? Bastard. --anon.

Awesome! Go on, say something else! --anon.

No, don't, he'll be home soon.
No, don't, he'll be home soon... --anon.

Polly want a partial. No fantasies, please. Random apostrophes in every name makes me choke. --anon.

I see you have a new supply of paper. Good, my cage needs lining.--EE

Is that all you do? Sit on that thing all day and talk nonsense?

Quoth the parrot, "Reject more." --Julie Weathers

You bastard! That's a BUDGERIGAR feather on you collar! --anon.

Listen, the agreement was I'd clear out the slushpile if you'd help me write my book. "Once upon a time..."-writtenwyrdd

Chris Eldin said...

Very funny and creative!

McKoala said...