Friday, December 07, 2007

Thursday's Comment Black Hole

I spent most of Thursday wondering why no one was sending comments and feeling unloved and considering whether the problem was Blogger or me. Now several people have written to say I didn't post their comments. If you sent a comment Thursday and it's not posted I didn't get it. It's possible some "First Meeting" writing exercises were also affected. The ones I've received are from:

Wife Meeter
Dave K.
Below this are those I've received since posting this message
Elizabeth Joy Arnold
Dave F.
Deborah K. White
Bill Highsmith

The only Guess the Plot I received yesterday was McKoala's which was time-stamped 11:42 PM. I have several with today's date, but if you sent one yesterday, resend. Also, if you sent a continuation yesterday I didn't get it. If you sent a query or an opening you can check to see if it's in the queue at (query) or evil editor's openings (link in sidebar).


Bernita said...

I've re-sent,EE.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Aha! My comment got eaten too. Now I know to go re-post, not just wait for it to magically appear.

Sarah Laurenson said...

You didn't get my comments or my first meeting and I don't have time today. Ah well. Another time.

Thanks, EE

Anonymous said...

Imagine how wounded I felt, delurking only to find my efforts eaten by an Internet monster.

I've resent.

Dave Fragments said...

That's what you get for using illegal immigrant electrons and letting them bring their proton families with them. I'll bet Blogger deported their little electronic butts while we weren't looking.

Thanks for letting us know.

Phoenix Sullivan said...

Whew! I was starting to take being ignored a little personally :o)

I was also concerned that my continuation for NB 416 was so bad, it didn't even merit the "Unchosen" award.

That would be almost as bad as the rejection I once got from an editor -- who'd already pub'd a few of my short stories -- who was comatose the day the rejection letter was signed and postmarked. True story. She'd gone into a coma the day before and died the day after. I'm left with the image of her struggling up out of her coma and muttering, "*Phoenix's* story ... so bad .. must reject it if it's the last thing I do..." And it was. Hah! Anyone got a rejection story to top that one??!

But isn't it what most of us think anyway about the editors and agents who reject our work: that they have to be completely oblivious or in a coma or something to not recognize what they're missing out on? Now you know that sometimes they really ARE in a coma!

A little late and who cares (Paca's and freddie's are better anyway), but here was the continuation:

I slid a clipboard and pen her way. "I need your name, address and general description of the demon you consorted with. We'll then have two weeks to investigate your claim and verify your purported acts of witchery. Your standard policy covers possession by lesser demons and spirits, but for an act of Hell... well, you would need our extended policy to cover that."

I'd been in the business long enough to not miss the slight tic in the woman's evil eye. Gotcha. Yeah, we get all kinds of scammers at Allsouls. It wouldn't be long before I was stamping "Denied," in triplicate, across those claims of hers.

talpianna said...

Phoenix said: Hah! Anyone got a rejection story to top that one??!

You betcha! This one did not happen to me, but since the person involved is a well-known fantasy/SF writer, no names will be given.

She submitted a story to an anthology about Amazon-type warrior women. Shortly afterwards, the editor had a sex-change operation. Although he had accepted the story, she rejected it.

Chris Eldin said...

Awww, sweetie. You are my favorite blog. I will follow you forever. Now, you can either think of that as loyal or creepy. Depends on your attitude and all.

I sent a comment saying your terrorist comedy stuff sucked, and thought it wasn't posted because I said it sucked.

But there you go.

Maybe you censored, and maybe Blogger ate it. Maybe I'll go have another glass of wine and start posting some merloti.


Dave Fragments said...

How about a week before getting short story rejected, you get an email from the editor saying he can't pay the printer and needs $$$$ from an investor?

That's not the opportunity you want to come knock, knock, knocking at your door.

Dave Kuzminski said...

Heck, I once received a rejection from the executor of the estate two years after the publisher's death.

Robin S. said...

I just got back in town. Boy, you've been busy, and, (by the way, you're never unloved).

A few of my comments were eaten the other day as well, or at leats I never saw them, but it doesn't matter. None were important.