Wednesday, December 05, 2007

First Meeting

While writing exercises that require actual work usually draw 8 or 10 people, those we've had that involved submitting excerpts from your books (death scenes, first kisses, dialogue) have drawn far more. But I'm willing to try another one anyway. Send me a scene from a work of fiction, a scene in which two characters who will play a pivotal role meet for the first time.

Submission deadline Friday, midnight eastern time. Word limit: 225; if the actual scene is longer, cut it off, as longer ones will be deleted. Include a name if you want people to know it's yours. If you prefer to compose a scene as a writing exercise, rather than send one you've previously written, that's fine. One submission per customer. Submit as a comment to this post.

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Dave Fragments said...

Words I hope I never hear again on TV:
- - Is it true that sperm remains viable in a dead body for 48 hours after death?

Gee, I thought today was Friday and I'm rushing to get the dialog submitted. It's only Thursday!. ARGHHH! Here I am with my dates wrong and running around doing no one any good! Haste makes waste - to use an old bromide.