Saturday, March 24, 2007

The Next Line 7

"She looks closer." Was that a trick of the early morning light?

"The grubber? Aye, it's closing." Joe jerked his head towards the supply ship. "Increased its fucking speed since we braided off the bloody islands and the old Weaver is wearing it."

Des slowly nodded. "You think and it will catch us?"

Joe shrugged. "If this fucking wind keeps its way, they'll be down on us fair and all. Those barnies can work a ship, but if they try jumping us, we'll crack the bloody fuckers back to their mamas soon enough." He grinned.

The frigates had hundreds of men on board. How many more must something that big carry? "There must be hundreds of them," Des said. "They will and overrun us."

"Elf says a fucking grubber has no more hands than it bloody needs, probably balance a line with us, and fucking few of them can wag steel."

"Those that can have better weapons and training."

Joe snorted. "You fucking think so?"

The grubber approached with astonishing speed and Des could soon hear words from a loudspeaker aboard: "Second dinner seating starts in 20 minutes; thank you once again for taking a Princess cruise."

"It's fucking worse than even fucking I fucking thought," Joe fucking stated.

Dialogue: Xenith.....The Next Line: Pacatrue


GutterBall said...

Ha! Pac-Man, you kill me!

Anonymous said...

LOL! I know this fucking book and the author thinks it's fucking literary but I don't think I could fucking stand to read it.

Xenith said...

Nice one, Pac. More appropriate than you might realise.

I'd like what anonymous is on though, and can we have some?