Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Next Line 15

"Well, Mr. . . . Devlin," the guidance counselor said, checking the file in front of him. "Do you know what you want to do with your life?"

Lance had known since he was eight what he wanted to do with his life. He pointed to the ceiling, "I want to go up there."

Mr. Royer looked up. "The second floor cafeteria?" he asked. "You do seem qualified, but I don't think the school has any openings right now."

"No, I want to go into space," Lance said. He knew his dream might be silly, but who cared if this freak laughed at it.

The guidance counselor did not laugh at all; he merely lowered his head to Lance's file. After twenty seconds consideration, he looked up. "That might be tricky, Mr. Devlin. While testing shows that you have some raw intelligence, your grades are not the best."

"I've heard the University of Mars at Olympus lowered their academic standards," Lance said hopefully.

"Lowered yes," said the guidance counselor, "but not eliminated."

"Oh," said Lance. "Do you suppose there would be anywhere else that would take me?"

"Possibly. It's not a school, but it might be right up your alley: I'm told an expedition is being organized to study the crack in Uranus."

Dialogue: Anonymous.....The Next Line: Evil Editor

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