Saturday, March 24, 2007

The Next Line 1

"How dare that preserved codfish stash his ancient whore in my province!" Khismar swore as a servant helped him dress. "And now he wants me to fetch her to him, as if Il-Aggarhed were just down the road! Does he think I have nothing better to do than run hither and yon at his direction?"

"He knows you would rather plot against him, naturally," Markus replied. "Do you take him for an imbecile?"

Khismar smiled. "Markus, when will you realize Olgaroth is not a mindreader? He's no more powerful than I."

"He is a vile, perverted, parody of a man, but even so, I would not insult him with comparisons to you. At least he is noble born and not some bastard spawn of a diseased prostitute." Markus assisted the baron with his coat.

Khismar laughed. "I shall miss your wicked tongue when I complete the spell on you. Your free mind trapped in an enslaved body is wonderfully entertaining. It must be hell for you."

"Wicked tongue?" Markus said. "Enslaved body? If I didn't know better I'd guess you were describing my encounter last night with your wife."

Dialogue: Anonymous.....The Next Line: Pacatrue

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