Friday, December 22, 2006


You never know when a vampire will fly into a fake plot--or a real one. Which of the following were fake Guess the Plots, and which were plots from actual queries?

1. A nightclub owner's plan to have themed costume parties to attract business seems to be working -- until she realizes the vampire "costumes" aren't actually disguises.

2. A vampire shares the angst of eternal teenagehood (and that pimple that won’t go away) in her stack of 2351 diaries.

3. When philosophical zombies hold a conference to become taken seriously by the world, unionized psychic vampires threaten the event.

4. A young knight and an escaped slave fight each other, as well as spirits that would enslave, corrupt and destroy the minds of mankind. Also, a vampire.

5. Sometimes a vampire needs more than just a drink. In Blood and Skin, Kevin Nivek takes a job as a night coroner in the D.C. morgue to satisfy his hunger for... well... blood and skin.

6. One by one the graduating class of Millard Fillmore High is found slashed, their blood drained by vampires, as the yearbook, once a precious keepsake, has become a grocery list.

7. When Cassandra's best friend is killed by psychic vampires, she vows to kill all psychic vampires. Then she discovers that her parents are . . . you guessed it.

8. Molly the vampire is desperate to go to her 20th high school reunion. If nothing else, she figures she'll be a shoo-in for "Youngest Looking."

Answers below:

Fakes: 2, 3, 5, 6


High Power Rocketry said...

: )

Anonymous said...

4 isn't a fake? Could that be the origin of the "Also, a . . ." entries? -JTC

Evil Editor said...

Could be, and probably is.

Anonymous said...

Sweet. The author should receive full credit for that.

Anonymous said...

So has anyone seen Buffy?

Anonymous said...

anonymous 8:51, I have, very briefly. She fliped, when she realized, two of my closest friends were vampires.

T'was a part of my pre-injury past...