Thursday, December 21, 2006

Siamese Twins

Nothing spices up a Guess the Plot like the appearance of Siamese Twins, as evidenced by these plots from previous posts:

Par for the Course
Policewoman Vanessa Grute wants nothing more than to nab the gay albino who murdered her conjoined Siamese twin--until she falls head over heels in love with him.

Second Growth
Jack Wharton discovers that the parasitic twin he'd had removed as a child is growing back. And it's mad.

Lumberjack Cal Calson's deepest secret--the vestigial conjoined twin on his back--has come to life, and is trying to convert him to conservationism.

After Siamese twins Arvel and Harvel Twitman are separated, Arvel discovers a second growth where Harvel used to be. Can’t a guy get some privacy?

Kindred Hearts
Kanyo's career of competitive eating threatens imminent congestive heart failure. Will his twin, Kinto, agree to share his healthy heart by becoming surgically joined siamese twins?

Abandoned as infants and raised by a disgraced proctologist, these psychic albino Siamese twin brothers have only each other--until a question of seniority tears them apart.

Until Death Do Us Part
Conjoined twins James and Joseph share a liver, a pancreas -- and a girlfriend. But when Lily is found murdered, they vow to find a doctor to separate them, so they can fight a duel to the death.

Tom and Larry couldn't get jobs at the circus... until they had themselves surgically conjoined to become the first Latvian Siamese Twins.


Anonymous said...

LOL, good one EE! I too was noticing some common plot features as I reviewed facelifts and GTP. None so common as siamese twins though!

...dave conifer

Anonymous said...

I would assume most of these are up for the "most hilarious" (Dead conjoined? would that kill the living twin also?)

Anonymous said...

Those are hilarious.

It's funny how some things just inspire comedy (get it?).

I wonder if this phenomenon is proportionately related to how tragic the situation can be when it occurs in real life. -JTC