Thursday, December 07, 2006

The Amelia Pettipants Mysteries

Miss Amelia Pettipants is ready. Ready to star in her own series of mysteries. If you'd like to contribute to her legend, you'll want to know as much about the lady as possible. Here are a few of the basics:

She's been described as nosy, plucky, persnickety, a busybody, doughty, and perky.

She's a spinster, a detective, and she does some baking.

She lives in a tiny cottage in quaint and charming Boring-on-End.

For the full bio, click here. Note that there is also a link to Miss Pettipant's bio in the sidebar. Visit the bio page to see how you can contribute to the legend that is Amelia Pettipants.


Talia said...

I love the Amelia Pettipants character. Hilarious!!! I love the way you word her into all your scenarios.

We're going to have lots of fun with this character

Anonymous said...

I gotta learn all that stuff? It's like takin' a freakin' exam!

Does this count as credit to an MFA?

Evil Editor said...

No need to learn it, just consult it if needed. Your Pettipants story will be read by more people than read most of the writings of those who have MFA's.

Anonymous said...

The background is funny enough without the stories. I shall sharpen my pencils... However, since I have never written a mystery, y'all shall no doubt have great fun lambasting my prose.

Anonymous said...

EE, why does the editor pictured here have a day-glo pink tie, unlike the others?

...dave conifer

Evil Editor said...

I confess, I was hoping to impress Miss Pettipants by wearing my Sunday best.