Monday, April 02, 2007

Novel Deviations 2

I had enough pieces for the book a month ago, but by waiting I've been able to replace some of the weaker ones with funnier ones. At this point I think the overall quality is even better than volume 1. I still need some back-cover copy and an introduction--contributions welcome.

If you submitted an opening or continuation that is credited on the blog to "anonymous," and you want credit in the book, let me know. (This includes the three Miss Pettipants mysteries). True, you don't know if yours has been chosen for the book, but you can always ask.


bunnygirl said...

Many years later, as he faced the firing squad, Evil Editor was to remember that distant afternoon when he first solicited material from his minions. The offerings flowed in, full of werewolves and brutal eunuchs, each more absurd than the last. Evil Editor laid his hand upon the monitor screen and said, “This is the most hilarious bunch of crap the world has ever seen.” ~Gabriel Garcia Marquez

bunnygirl said...

if Dreams of petty

minions must




is a Funny


~ e e cummings

Robin S. said...

Hi EE,

How far into the New Beginning numbers does the new book go?

Evil Editor said...

It currently includes 90 NB's from the teens to the 240's. None that were in ND 1, none whose opening author didn't want it included, and none that suck. It's possible a few more will go in; whether they'll be added on or replace others remains to be seen.

Dave said...

"The first volume brought about the apcalypse. The second signals the end of the world." Ascribed to Pope Hadrian VIII.

Dave said...

"A towering work of astounding power and grace."

2009 Pulitzer Committee

Dave said...

"One finds a wild and amazing journey through tattered minds, lost souls and abandoned intellects that is alternately compelling and appealing. A vast summary of the mind of man."

Sigmund Freud or Carl Jung

Dave said...

"The surrealistic trompe l'oile of novels."

Salvador Dali

Dave said...

"The Evil Editor is a writer to be read, to be absorbed, and quite honestly, to be shot to hell in a handbasket."

NYT Review of Novels

a word's worth said...

Evil Editor has done it again! This follow up to Novel Deviations is a colorful tableau vivant in black and white. Evil's ability to gather together the best and brightest is unsurpassed. His dedication to the future of literature brings new meaning to that old plum de nom "He who can does, he who cannot edits."

Anonymous said...

"Finally a work of fiction worthy of a diaper."

Dr Werner Von Braun, Head of NASA

Dave said...

I accidently posted this over on Miss Snark's blog without an explanation. But It turned out OK since the post was about internet provided through your sewage systems.

Try this blurb:

"What, volume two! Off with his head!"
by some crazy woman dressed up as the Queen of Hearts. (Tarts?)

Marissa Doyle said...

There is only one thing in the world worse than being in Novel Deviations 2, and that is not being in Novel Deviations 2.

-Oscar Wilde, who was rumored to know much about deviations

Marissa Doyle said...

Training is everything. The peach was once a bitter almond; cauliflower is nothing but cabbage with a college education; Novel Deviations 2 is nothing but bathroom tissue with a four-color cover.

-Mark Twain

Anonymous said...

"A Great read. Love the irrelevant short story in the middle."

- John Irving

McKoala said...

'Just like Novel Deviations 1, but more orange.'

Mr Bean

Brenda Bradshaw said...

"Dude, just read it."

Anonymous said...

One hundred complete novels condensed into one hundred pages without all the boring middle bits. A $1000 value for only $9.99!