Monday, January 19, 2009

Poe 4

As I pondered, weak and weary, on a manuscript so dreary
I could stand to look at it upon my screen no more
While I fretted, nearly screaming, suddenly there came a gleaming
As of eyes so bright and beaming, beaming lasers through my door
‘Tis the Editor,’ I muttered, ‘burning through my red front door –
Only this, and nothing more.’

For myself now, writing, writing, fingernails and tongue still biting,
Oh, to be so vain and guilty, coming round to help no more.
From my laptop, blinking slowly, with a feeling dark and lowly,
New Beginnings, cries for help, I continued to ignore.
Even queries I passed over, guess the plots I did ignore.
What a jerk, forevermore.

From the eyes I hid my blogging, manuscripts I now was slogging,
‘I haven’t got the time to help you, not to help you anymore!’
But the eyes still, red with fury, made my own go weak and blurry,
Horror haunted every letter until I could type no more.
‘Please,’ I begged now, ‘I am sorry, I will slack off now no more!’
Quoth the EE, ‘Nevermore.’

Now I shudder, tired and wary, poring over each new query,
Sleeping never never never as I curl up on the floor.
And the Editor, still watching, makes certain there is no botching
Of the duties we both know I must fulfill as once before.
‘But see,’ I whisper, quiet, hopeful, ‘I’ll succeed unlike before,
I shall slack off - nevermore!’

‘Editor! The king of evil! Editor, if man or devil!
As the writing binds us to you – by that craft we all adore
Tell this soul with guilt now laden, if you blame this poor young maiden
For pursuing her own writing, writing she can leave no more!
Please forgive me all my absence, someday I will visit more.
I am minion – Evermore!’



Evil Editor said...

As I sit here, cognac quaffin';
I shall try, my words to soften,
So to not offend my minions--
Those who've come since days of yore.
If you do not come more often,
You will soon lie in a coffin,
Ne'er to be again heard from on this or any distant shore.
This I vow, and nothing more.

fairyhedgehog said...

Very nice, Kiersten, and it even got EE into the spirit. Well done!

Kiersten White said...

Ha! Oh, brilliant as always. Why, oh, why am I writing novels instead of spending all of my time here?

Anonymous said...

This one is made of awesome.

Anonymous said...

Well done Miss K! I enjoyed this.


lotusgirl said...

Priceless Kiersten! Thanks for the laugh! EE, perfect response! LOL!

Michelle D. Argyle said...

Oh, this site looks fun! EE is quite clever, and great poem Kiersten. I enjoyed it a lot!

Anonymous said...

Ditto all the, it was great, poem comments. EE's response -- the perfect topper.

Sarah Laurenson said...


Oh my. Both poems.

Very well done, K and EE.

Dave Fragments said...

Very good. An excellent satire. My hat's off to you.

Anna Claire said...

Brilliant! And loved EE's response. I have a feeling my thoughts are going to run in this metre for at least the next hour.

Sylvia said...

Haha! You are BOTH brilliant. Great stuff.