Saturday, January 24, 2009

Saturday Film Series

Life wouldn't be worth living were it not for the slick productions found in Evil Editor's shorts.

Text intro by Meri.


Whirlochre said...

If only these shorts were longs.

Robin B. said...

First, meri, I gotta say I like your slick production line, girl.
Brings up some interesting visuals.

EE, your first one made me laugh aso hard I woke up my cat. (She's now mad at you. I'm jusy saying.)
Head chasing dick. Oh yeah.
Your storyline scares the hell out of me, by the way, which made it even funnier.

And as for the second one...San Francisco!!?? Dammit.

Unknown said...

Is there a role Malkovich can't play? The man is a keg of acting dynamite.

Robin B. said...

You're so right, Roland. Late to the party as I almost always am,
I just saw Burn After Reading last night, and Malkovich was wonderful. Perfect, actually.

Saw him in Shadow of the Vampire a while back. Also good good good.