Thursday, January 01, 2009

Cartoon 290

Caption: R. Watson

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Robin B. said...

Happy January 1st, EE.

Anonymous said...

Oh! I really love the Evil Float!! Look out Pasadena! The Evil Editor float is composed of recycled paper mulch from the slush pile and the muttonchops were painstakingly flocked by minions using more than 500 pounds of anise seed.

I asked my 8-Ball what kind of year it's going to be and it said "All SIGNS POINT TO POSITIVE" which is my favorite 8-Ball prediction! My mom used to like to make up slogans for the upcoming year. The motivating phrase always had to rhyme with the year number. So in memory of mom: PUBLISH, MINE!in O-nine!


Robin B. said...

You know, I've just been visiting a minions blog, and I think the good idea on that one would sure work here as well - that being, a YouTube of you, reading us a story.
You could just show your legs or your arms in your, you know, armchair...

Bevie said...

"You could just show your legs or your arms in your, you know, armchair"

Legs, huh? Are you trying to excite the Minions?

The YouTube idea sounds cool. But perhaps EE should superimpose his head shot on some famous piece of art - like Venus De Milo or The Thinker?

EE, ever thought about making a Mylar version of that float?