Thursday, February 08, 2007

Why You Don't Get Published

I've seen the proofs, and today I'll give the okay to print, so this book should be available in two or three weeks. I'm printing fewer copies than I did with Novel Deviations, and this book is longer, both of which contribute to a higher per-book cost from the printer. But although I've given the book a higher cover price, to keep from losing money on bookstore sales, I'm selling for the same price as Novel Deviations to those who buy it directly from CCNow (which gouges me for 9% instead of the 55% Amazon takes). Pre-orders may be placed now, at and will be the first ones shipped when the book is ready. Shipping outside the U.S. is airmail, so you don't have to wait six months for a mail schooner/dog sled to reach you in Nepal.


Anonymous said...

Cool! I have ordered my copy.

kiss-me-at-the-gate said...

Fantastic! I just ordered mine!

But EE, the panel on the left side of the screen where you show the covers of the books makes it so I can't read a lot of the text on your blog because the pictures cover it up.

(Sorry, I fail at hyperlinking)

Is anyone else having this problem or does my computer just hate me?

Evil Editor said...

Try refreshing. The new cover was too big the first time I added it; if you came aboard before I reduced it, you may need to leave and come back.

writtenwyrdd said...

It could also be your browser. I use Firefox, and EE's site doesn't ever display correctly.

Brenda said...

Mine's ordered!

*wiggles happily in her chair*