Friday, February 09, 2007

Novel Deviations 2

...will probably exist eventually. At the moment, I could use about 25 more pieces, but that assumes that all the opening authors listed below want to be included, which is unlikely. I emailed those who declined to be in volume 1 in hopes that they'd come to their senses, but they stubbornly continue to believe this would be a disastrous career move.

Anyway, continuation authors now automatically agree to inclusion in a book when they submit. Listed below are most of the opening authors I would include in ND2 (many of whom would be represented by multiple openings). It would be helpful if each of you would respond by stating whether you are willing to have your openings (along with their continuations) included in ND2. If you aren't willing, just say so; if you are willing, your email should be phrased as follows:

I, Jo Jo Smedley, grant permission for Evil Editor to use anything I've submitted to his blog in a book, and I wish to be credited in that book as follows: Lulu Forbush.

If you were to submit the above email, but your opening was published on the blog anonymously, or under another name, let me know which one(s) are yours.

As you may have gathered, if your opening came to me anonymously, or you requested anonymity on the blog, I'd still like to hear from you regarding the book. ("Anonymous" and pen names and blogger names were not uncommon in volume 1.) Some people on the list had openings in volume 1, and have already submitted contracts. You might still respond letting me know you still want the same name used.

Amourpays.....Ann Onymous.....Crystal Charee

I'll remove names from the list as I hear from people.


Blogless Troll said...

Twenty bucks says Ann Onymous will be the last one standing. Any takers?

Anonymous said...

I doubt he/she is around anyway.