Monday, July 10, 2006

Q & A 64 Can I write that book?

Some of these fake plots aren't nearly ridiculous enough, and would probably make pretty good stories. Do you own the rights or does the original poster?

The fake plots are up for grabs, with the following caveats:

1. We don't want dozens of people writing books on the same premise, so if you choose to write a book based on a fake plot, inform Evil Editor, and your choice will be posted in Evil Editor's Gallimaufry. One per customer, and first come, first served.

2. You agree to acknowledge the original poster in your book assuming he/she so desires.

3. You agree to dedicate the book to Evil Editor.

4. Evil Editor and the original poster each get 5% of whatever you get when you sell the movie rights to the book.


Cheryl said...

Don't listen to the EE. You can't copyright an idea.

But I'd still thank EE and the unknown minion who sparked the idea.

5%? Bite me, or beat me to it.

(FWIW-I have my own ideas, but I'd read several of these fake plots. Get to writing, minions!)

Anonymous said...

"4. Evil Editor and the original poster each get 5% of whatever you get when you sell the movie rights to the book."

What if I sell the movie rights to someone else? I mean, I expect to be selling movie rights to someone who makes movies, not to the book.

verification word: bnfcqrr
suggestion: bonfire

Anonymous said...

E.E., I'll dedicate all my books to you! I'll even... even write an ode to you, I swear! All you gotta do, is help me publish my nonescence... Oh, wait a minute, you allready have about a million offers... I'm off to drown my self, in a sea of tears.

Anonymous said...

Hell, I think that's fair. Maybe one of my fake plots would make it - it doesn't look like any of MY books will.

Drat! One of the ideas was my daughter's. Shhh! Dont tell her! Better yet, the 5% would probably pay for her college education.

Anonymous said...

Pumpkin James, here I come!

Actually, I don't think I'll have time to write something like that right now, so one of you guys can have it.

sigh. It woulda been fun, too.

Anonymous said...

No two people would end up writing the same book anyway! *grin* But didn't we sort of agree to put the ideas up for grabs when we submitted them?

Although Paul and his shadows? I'm going to run with that one, had no idea the little fictive would be so addictive when I wrote it. *sheepish look* I try not to submit stuff I was actually thinking about using...

Anonymous said...

Ideas can be borrowed, no doubt. That probably includes fake plots. Even without payment--although I like EE's idea of gratitude and compensation!

But also note: the original blurb, even though posted on EE's website, belongs to the writer. Although we agree EE can post freely, we DON'T agree that anyone else can copy our blurbs and claim them for themselves.

So for anyone writing a novel from these plot ideas, come up with your own blurbs.

Sorry, EE--don't give away what's not yours. But make us all millions and you can have the blurbs, too!

Love & kisses.
A minion (now rethinking her penchant for submitting fake plots)

Brenda said...

laughs - MsJones, that's my all-time favorite one too!

Anonymous said...

You can have the shark under the zamboni. I don't think I'll have time to write that into my plot.

Hey, the trailers are showing up for Snakes On A Plane!

s.w. vaughn said...

Damn it, kis, I wanted Pumpkin James. :-)

I find your terms acceptable. Now to scour the fake plots and choose a suitable victim...

Daisy Bateman said...

Well, contrary to the statement of the anonymous minion, I am perfectly happy to let anyone who wants it take my blurbs, along with their plots-- under EE's terms, of course. Especially if they want to do the one about the lingerie company.

Anonymous said...

s.w. vaughn, go ahead and (sniffle) take Pumpkin James. I have a houseful of relatives coming this summer, and two WIPs already, so I won't (sniff, sniff) be able to do the idea justice. I'll just have to think about (dabs delicately at moistened lashes) what might have been while I keep an eye open at the bookstore for Pumpkin James and his God-Bong by S.W. Vaughn.

Don't worry about me. I'm okay. The road not taken, and all that... Just promise you'll think of me once or twice when you're collecting your royalty cheques. That's all a girl can ask for in this cockamamie world, right? (sob)

All right. I'm done. :)