Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cartoon 427

Caption: anon.

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Robin B. said...

Ha! The caption goes so well with the eyes.

Evil Editor said...

Unchosen captions:

You can feed me all the spoonfuls of sugar you want, Mary, it won't make your story any more plausible.--writtenwyrdd

Now, class, for your Analogy for Idiots course final, you need to explain why reading the slush is like going to the dentist. Bonus points for using the phrase, "spit or swallow." --writtenwyrdd

And you thought I was kidding when I said I'd rather get a root canal than read slush!--?

Man, you look JUST like John Gri-- Oh, shit. --anon.

Oh, rinse and SPIT. Sorry, my bad. --anon.

You queried me? Ah, remind me, what did I, uh, say...? --anon

Strange, I wasn't wearing a suit when he put me to sleep.... --Matthew

I'd do anything to get out of reading the slush pile. --Pacatrue

Not as bad a the slush pile yet.--?

"The Boys from Brazil" fan fic? That's an interesting hobby... --anon.

Slush... oral surgery... what's the difference? They're both excrutiating and require a thorough rinse and spit with a good disinfectant afterwards.--Mother (Re)produces

Untie me you fiend! No matter how much you torture me I still won't publish The Adventures of Tommy Toothbrush in Stinky Mouth Land! --Mother (Re)produces

Last time I dated a fetishist, it was the shoes that got to me... --Whirlochre

But there's no writers in there for me to spit on! --Suzan Harden