Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Evil Ad 96


Julie Weathers said...

Can't wait for Robin to notice the lady's arms "that" close to EE.




Robin said...

EE, please say that really is your body underneath the TV set face guy. But only if it's true. Because I think that's you.

Then, I have questions.

Evil Editor said...

No, only the head is me.

Robin S. said...


1 - I thought that was you.

2 - If it was you, I wasn't nuts about that woman's hand so close to your arm.

3- I'd watch.

ChrisEldin said...

"Only the head is me"

I think EE really has become this avatar.

But is that a barn?

Julie Weathers said...

EE, you really aren't much fun.

Robin S. said...

How about the hand holding the remote?

(OK, OK, I'm grabbing at straws. I know...)

Anonymous said...

I must be completely out of it. I don't get the ad at all. Both pictures are the same, except the focus has shifted. But EE's face is the same in both.