Sunday, May 07, 2006

Q & A 8 You are great, EE.

The query rewrites you're providing are, without fail, great improvements over the originals. However, are they good enough? If you received the rewritten versions (assuming they fit the genre, length, etc., for your guidelines), would they entice you to ask for partials? Just curious.

Evil Editor has considered the possibility that one day, one of his own query letters will arrive in his in-box. If such were to occur (unlikely, as Evil Editor specializes in editing books about the medieval architecture of northeastern Portugal), Evil Editor would request about half the manuscripts. With the other half, he would write an encouraging personal note: Evil Editor regrets that he is passing on this book, which has more plot holes than a summer action movie, but that he wouldn't mind seeing more of your work, as you write a fabulous query letter.


Gabriele Campbell said...

Mediaeval architecture of northeastern Protugal?

I think I could write something about that. Maybe some mystery about missing stones, a dead mason, and a scion of a noble house falling in love with the daughter of the dead mason.

But that plotbunny has to wait in line until I've finished the Roman Empire trilogy and revised the Mediaeval saga. :)

none said...

Only a trilogy? You're not TRYING.