Friday, May 05, 2006

Q & A 5 Aren't you afraid . . .?

Aren't you afraid that the query letters you 'fix' are going to mean deception and disappointment for the agents and editors who read them and request manuscripts?

You seem to have confused "requesting manuscripts" with "reading manuscripts." An average timeline, measuring time in sentences (or ETU's, which, for those of you outside the editorial loop, stands for Editorial Time Units), for reading a requested manuscript is as follows:

3 ETU's: Start thinking, What planet was I on, and what was I smoking, when I requested this?
5 ETU's: Toss MS onto recycling mountain in corner, pour self a stiff one, and pop in DVD of Misery to watch an author being tortured.


Tawny Taylor said...

Okay, your blog needs a warning label: Warning: Read and drink at your own risk.

(wiping Diet Coke from computer monitor)

Sam said...

Oh too funny. I am SO glad I had already swallowed my mouthful of coffee when I read this. (LOL Tawny)

Anonymous said...

I thought rock stars were supposed to be dysfunctional and miserable?