Sunday, May 28, 2006

Mini-Contest 1 Ends

Evil Editor called upon his minions to suggest an improvement to the opening analogy in Face-Lift XXXVIII. (Seven letters to say "38"? No wonder Rome crumbled . . . Of course, I won't be complaining when I do number M.)

The original analogy was "western North Carolina, a region where religion and nature are as interlocked as tobacco and paper."

The most useful suggestions, perhaps, were to eliminate the analogy altogether and/or change the word "interlocked:"

"where religion and nature are inextricably intertwined."
"where religion and nature are as central to the culture as tobacco and paper."

This one also might be useful:

"where religion and nature are as interlocked as fingers clasped in desperate prayer."

Fortunately, most of the minions did not take the "usefulness" route. Because there were about 40 suggestions, a list that becomes dull eventually, Evil Editor has narrowed the field to eight:

Western North Carolina, a place where religion and nature are as interlocked . . .

. . . as tobacco and firearms.

. . . as nude greco-roman wrestlers.

. . . as a stud and a bitch in heat.

. . . as the braces of two teens.

. . . as Siegfried and Roy.

. . . as cigarettes and cancer.

. . . as a swimsuit model and her thong.

. . . as Miss Snark and the Gin Pail.

Hey, it's a holiday weekend, lets try this again. Evil Editor has looked through the query letters in his queue, and found another writer in need of an analogy:

"She didn’t plan on second-guessing everything her husband did, and spilling tears like an annoying drippy faucet, but . . . "

We need something better than "an annoying drippy faucet." As usual, suggestions will be collected, and the better ones posted as a group.

1 comment:

Beth said...

. . as a stud and a bitch in heat.

Interspecies mating? A horse and a dog? The imagination is taxed.

The one about fingers clasped in desperate prayer was actually quite good.