Monday, May 29, 2006

Mini-Contest 2 Ends

The object was to improve upon the simile ". . . spilling tears like an annoying drippy faucet." Let's hope the author chooses one of these suggestions, any of which would be a vast improvement:

Spilling tears . . .

like a crocodile watching Old Yeller.

like Evil Editor reading a pathetic query.

like a prep cook chopping onions.

like Paula Abdul off her medication.

like Ruthless Vigilante Sorcerers spill blood.

like the fountain of bitch.

like sweat from the armpits of Meat Loaf.

like a Chinese Water Torture device.

like Dick Vermeil.

Mini-Contest 3

A good analogy seemed elusive to the following writer:

In those ten years, his dream of taking up his famous father’s profession [printmaster] has proved as elusive as the mysterious forest people of the Mistlands.

We need something more obviously elusive than mysterious forest people of the Mistlands, who, after all, are easily found in the forests of the Mistlands. As usual, suggestions will be collected, and the better ones posted together.


Brenda said...

There's just something about "fountain of bitch" that sings to me.

Anonymous said...

Brenda, You should change your avatar. Otherwise you will continue to get comments like, "You are a fountain of sexy."

Brenda said...

*laughs* I'm an old mother of four! And I was beyond angry at my daughter when she snapped this picture and I wasn't ready, but then everyone said: OH! Great pic! You should use it. So I did.

~slinks off to change the picture~

Anonymous said...

"... as mysterious as the reasons why cats do anything they do."

". . . as mysterious as the appeal of spectator sports."

". . . as mysterious as the winning formula for a query letter."