Thursday, September 30, 2010

Cartoon 742

Caption: Anon.

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Evil Editor said...

Unchosen captions:

...and after you've impaled me, hoist me over your shoulder, shouting LOOK WHAT'S COMING TO YOU GRISHAM, willya call my Mom? She gets kinda worried.--Whirlochre

You rejected my Pa, and he shot himself. Let's rassle, you sonofabitch. --Whirlochre

Grampaw, whut does "sugar tittie" mean? --Paul Penna

Hey mister, did you know there's a pub down at the bottom of the village where people with your tastes like to hang out? --anon.

But gramps, I'm nearly ten. Surely I can come hunting writers with you now? --Marissa Doyle

Anonymous said...


Robin S.