Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Cartoon 736

Caption: Evil Editor

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Evil Editor said...

Unchosen captions:

You asked of me who's most evil? Do hark: tis not you, but Miss Snarky Shark. --Angela Robbins

I've got this novel about publishing from the computer's point of view... --Faceless Minion

Of course you're the fairest of them all! Eh . . . is the mirror out of the ICU yet?--arhooley

Well, uh, me and the TV got to talking and, uh, we're leaving you. And I'm pregnant. --anon.

Ooh! Press that one again! --anon.

It's about a faithful but naive servant inappropriately touched by a manipulative, egomaniacal master... --anon.

'Whoops, my bad. Just don't breathe in for a while.' --McKoala

It looks like you're writing a soul-crushing rejection letter, would you like some help?--M.G.E.

OK, grumpy Gus, I know you got a Mac because Macs are just friendlier, so let's see if we can't cheer you up, I know, we'll take a rummage through your WIP folder shall we, it's just -- whoops! Y'know, you'll laugh about this later... --anon.

Well..if I'd told you I used to belong to a wannabe author, you'd never have taken me home! --khazar-khum