Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Query Revisions

Because many writers resend their queries, and because Evil Editor usually just posts the revisions in the comments without actually commenting on them, I've entered into an experimental partnership with Phoenix, whose new blog is devoted to queries on Wednesdays, and possibly sometimes on Mondays, and possibly other days if she can squeeze it in to her schedule.

Phoenix often comments on revised queries on this blog, sometimes rewriting them so brilliantly you'd think she knows more about the book than the author.

So if, after reading Evil Editor's comments and those of his minions, and then revising your query, you still don't feel confident it's fully risen from the ashes, you may send it to Phoenix's blog or send it here and I'll forward it. Evil Minions will no doubt want to visit Phoenix's blog to comment on the revised versions.


fairyhedgehog said...

This is so cool. Go Phoenix!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic news, I sent my last, last, last, last, last next last revision here. Next time I'll send it direct to the divine Miss Pheonix.
I am in the process of nailing the list you wrote to my kitchen, bathroom, living room and balcony walls. Still laughing.

Chris Eldin said...

This is really nice!!
Phoenix is a query master. She doesn't have the evil blue comments, but she does have a whip. I'm thinking of writing another book just so I can squeeze the query in before Phoenix gets burned out.

YAY Phoenix!!!

Phoenix Sullivan said...

Oh dear.

Pressure. Pressure. Pressure.

*Breathe. Breathe. Queries are fun. Queries are fun.*

OK, I think I'm ready to go now.

This feels like graduation all over again. Thanks for the divine mentorship, EE, as this student of yours prepares to step out into the real world. And thanks for offering to be there to catch me if/when I fall.

Every once in awhile you slip, you know, and show just how un-evil you really are under the muttonchops. But shhh, we'll keep that our little secret, eh?

Evil Editor said...

Eventually I plan to farm out all of the blog features. The whole point of being a CEO is that you get to delegate the grunt work.

_*rachel*_ said...

Good for you, Phoenix! I'll be there.

This doesn't apply to revised New Beginnings, right?

Stephen Prosapio said...

Very cool! I'm excited and find that the revisions are often more fun critiquing than the originals since we typically get the big problems out of the way and can focus on the finer points.

Congrats Phoenix!

EE - could you please delegate your 3 Martini lunches to me?!?!

Tom Bridgeland said...

I'm worried. I mean, like, Phoenix is real nice and all that, but is she evil enough? And what about the laser eye-beams? And I just bought a pair of industrial strength mirrored sunglasses.

Oh,she has the latest revision of my Eden's Rat query. I took all of your suggestions. Everyone is named Sam or George or Mary now. Race over there and tear it up.


Anonymous said...

Eventually I plan to farm out all of the blog features.

I can see it now:

[I am not being finding any plot in this query. Perhaps you should be adding the sharks, isn't it?]

fairyhedgehog said...

Anonymous 10:14, you gave me my first laugh out loud moment of the day! You ought to come out of the closet and admit who you are!

(Or are you EE in disguise?)

Sylvia said...

Neat stuff. I'll add myself to the list of people whose queries were improved by Phoenix. I should have a new one to make the rounds soon so I'll take advantage of both of your blogs :D

Robin B. said...

An EE-Phoenix partnership. It doens't get any better than this!