Monday, April 19, 2010

Photoplay Challenge Results

The task was to write a dialogue scene using any or all of six provided photographs. I chose the submission below to display with speech bubbles. The other two submissions are in the comments. This one is by Whirlochre:


Evil Editor said...

Other submissions (Note that the photos and speakers were allowed to be in any order).

By K.M. Walton:

3 =
She says, “A Thai love potion? Brilliant. You are a wickedly brilliant woman.”

Mindy says, “It’ll take five minutes and then it’s a go.

She says, “Five? That seems risky.”

Mindy says, “Ten million dollars risky.”

2 =
She says, “I can’t think without my coffee. Mr. G…NG…would like me to grab you gentlemen a cup?”

6 =
G says, “Why are you smiling like a mental patient? What the hell is the matter with you?”

NG says, “I…feeelll…good.”

She smiles.

1 =
NG says, “You smell like springtime.”
She says, “I just need you to sign…right here.”

4 =
She says, “Hurry up, sexy.”
NG says, “I see two of you…and my…stomach hurts.”

5 =
She says, “You don’t feel sick do you? NG just puked on my shoes.”
G says, “Actually, I feel like ten million bucks.”

By Bevie:

she: Sales is a tough business. These guys aren’t sure they want to buy my companies’ software. I know how to seal the deal.

he-ng: It looks very nice, Ms. Donata.

she: call me Charity.

he-ng: Very well. It looks very nice, Charity. But I’m not sure it meets our company’s needs.

he-g: You see, it’s a question of cost versus reward. Edward and I need software which will meet our diverse needs. I’m not sure your product does this.

she: Well, perhaps if I met with each of you alone. You could show me what you need.

he-ng: So, Charity, as you can see, I’m mainly responsible for outflow.

she: So I see. Where did you get this tie?

he-ng: What? Oh. It was a gift. You like it?

she: Oh, yes. I like men with long – ties. You know?

he-ng: Yes. I think I’m beginning to understand.

she: And I see you like the feel of nylon.

he-g: So, do you think you can meet my needs?

she: I’m sure of it. My, what a long tie you have.

he-g: You like long things?

she: Yes. But not when they’re – limp. You know?

he-g: I believe I do. No call for worries about that, Charity. And now that you know my needs, perhaps I can see what you have to offer?

she: You read my mind.

she: Hello? Sally? I got the deal. No. No problem at all. Well, it was a bit hard. But only for a while. You got my assignment sheet? Good. Where am I off to next? Santa Clara’s Detention Center for Women? Oh, this is going to be fun.

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That was good. No shit.

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