Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Minor Blog Changes

I've taken advantage of the "Pages" feature to put three things that used to be at Evil Editor's Gallimaufry over here (three things that no one comments on).

This makes it easier to navigate that site, and reduces the number of links on this site. I've also combined "Queries Waiting" and "Submit a Guess the Plot" into one list, so if you want to submit a fake plot or find out how close your query is to the top, click "Query Queue."


fairyhedgehog said...

Can you enable comments on those pages, or is it a deliberate decision not to?

ril said...

Not working. I clicked on the link that says "Home," but when I looked, I was still in the office.

Evil Editor said...

I didn't see any way to enable them, not that I looked very hard.

fairyhedgehog said...

You have to do it for each page which is a pain. If you have a little pencil editing icon at the foot of the page, you can use that and click on Post Option, and one option is to allow comments.

Took me a while to figure it out.

Evil Editor said...

Ah, got it. First you click edit pages, then click view page, then go to the bottom and click the pencil, then click publishing options, then click allow comments.

Now you may comment. As these are pages where few people read the comments, and where your comments may become outdated, don't put too much effort into it.

fairyhedgehog said...

Thanks, EE!

Phoenix Sullivan said...

To Ril, King of the One-Liners!

I'm embarrassed to admit I learned something from EE. I'd read that comments couldn't be enabled on your additional pages. Probably had read something regarding the beta version. I knew how to enable them, but I hadn't even tried to (no editing pencil on MY pages). Then I saw EE had comments on HIS pages. I suffered exquisite page envy. Until I came to THESE comments and saw what was really happening under the sheets.

So now I am fully enabled. If I just didn't have to credit EE for a geek fix. I am SO losing my touch.

Evil Editor said...

FH deserves the credit. I didn't actually have the pencil icon she mentioned, but after messing around I found it appeared in view but not edit.

Phoenix Sullivan said...

Well, thanks to you both!

(Note to FHH: I found a site that creates and houses favicons all in one step. My icon hasn't disappeared - yet. But it took a few days for my other attempt to go missing in IE. We shall see...)

Ooh, EE -- that could be your next blog project: a favicon! "EE" would lend itself fabulously to the tiny space allowed.

Evil Editor said...

Making it is easy. What do you do to make it appear?

Phoenix Sullivan said...

You can create your favicon at any size as long as it's square and the file is less than 1MB. Save it as a GIF, JPG, PNG or BMP.

I used iconj.com to convert the file to an ICO and to host the graphic as Blogger doesn't support ICO files. The service is free and doesn't require registration to just convert and host the file.

They'll display the short line of code for you to copy.

Go to Layout > Edit HTML. Scroll though the Edit Template window. About 90% through the code, near the end, you'll see < /head >.

Paste your code in right BEFORE that tag. Click Save Template and it should all work.

fairyhedgehog said...

I put
< !-- Favicon -- >
< link href='http://www.hostanypic.com/out.php/i4050_hedgehoggimp.ico' rel='shortcut icon' type='image/x-icon'/ >
< link href='http://www.hostanypic.com/out.php/i4050_hedgehoggimp.ico' rel='icon' type='image/x-icon'/ >
just before the < /head > tag in my html. I think it's working.

(I had to put spaces between the angle brackets and the words, so that it would display in here. You'd obviously have to take those out.)

I'd like to know which site you're using, Phoenix, because finding a site to house the favicon was one of the big problems for me.

EE, you'd look cool with your own favicon!

Phoenix Sullivan said...

Oh, you did it, EE! HA! It rendered fabulously and looks great!

FHH, I thought I left a comment last evening with the url of the host I'm using. It's free to convert your graphic file to an ICO file and it hosts it automatically. No registration required for simple conversion and hosting.


fairyhedgehog said...

EE, that looks cool. In an Evil sort of way!

Phoenix, I must be looking in the wrong place because I don't see the link. It doesn't matter because I'm pretty much sorted anyway.

fairyhedgehog said...

Thanks, Phoenix!