Thursday, June 25, 2009

Little Pitchers Have Big Ears

EE, here's a news article you might find interesting. In short, research shows people are more amenable to ideas spoken into their right ear: I extrapolate that to making agent pitches: If you're at a writers' conference and have a chance to pitch your story idea, pitch it into the agent's right ear. And if you're stuck on the agent's left side, just point off in a direction to her left and say, "Hey, it's Stephen King and he's looking for a new agent." When she turns her right ear to you, give her your pitch.

--Bill H

Clever, Bill. But according to the article, the evidence is the number of cigarettes bummed per ear, along with the fact that what goes in the right ear is processed by the logical side of the brain. But the way I see it, if someone tries to bum a cigarette, the logical side of your brain will assume that if you give him the cigarette he'll go away. If someone tries to pitch you a manuscript, the logical side of the brain will assume that if you buy the manuscript, you'll never be rid of him. Thus, a pitch should go to the left ear, where it will be processed by the illogical side of the brain, the only side that might consider buying it.


debhoag said...

Time to put down the National Enquirer, get out of the shopping lane and get back to editing PS, Mr. H. Inquiring minds want to read.

Mame said...

We only like you because the entries are posted on the right side of the blog.

Anonymous said...

I've decided to change it to a serial killer steampunk alt-history romance, so it may be awhile.

Mr. H.

Whirlochre said...

Forgive me for leaping atop my high horse here, but this is sooo anti-zombie.


Left and right?

Shame on the Telegraph.

Anonymous said...

Surely all that the research shows is that this effect applies to smokers? They're not going to bum many fags from a non-smoker, now are they?

Mame said...

I bum my fags wherever I can get them.