Saturday, March 28, 2009

Saturday Film Series

No one ever thinks Evil Editor's Shorts are special . . . until they get inside.


Dave Fragments said...

oooh-lala, EE wears things. This is the thong version of EE shorts. Well maybe speedo version for the water sports set.

Neelloc said...

*has horrid thoughts at 'water sports' on this blog*
Sorry, Dave. :-9
Great music on this one. When's EE's Shorts: The Soundtrack coming out?

Evil Editor said...

It's out. You just get the EE films CD, and turn off your monitor.

_*rachel*_ said...

What's in EE's shorts? I'm betting on a whole lot of polyester. But I'd rather not know.

ril said...

Good direction, excellent script -- perhaps the best yet -- and perfect characterization... But frankly, the denouement stretches suspension of disbelief just too far. The very idea is just too much -- the real world is not such a hopeful place.

The second movie was good, though.