Thursday, March 19, 2009

Cartoon 345

Caption: WO

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Evil Editor said...

Unchosen Captions:

Maybe I shouldn't have told him there's a new Grisham out... --anon.

Well, this really is the last time I call the tech support guy... --anon.

Maybe if I stick him out front he'll scare a few walk-on queriers away.--Rachel

You'd think I just told him his book was crap.
Oh wait, I did just tell him his book was crap.--Kiersten

Man, I hate edit sessions with Grisham. What a baby.--Kiersten

I don't care how much you cry, EE Junior, no going out with your friends until you've finished reading my epic fantasy slush pile. --Kiersten

Bad move, letting Spielberg see my shorts... --anon.

This happens every time I call the shredder repairman. --anon.

Judy said...

These cartoons are SO GOOD! Even when I've been away for a while and stop by to look at the site, there's always a great cartoon waiting for me.

talpianna said...

Oh, come on, Dave! Man up!