Monday, October 15, 2007

Novel Deviations 3 . . .

. . . will probably exist eventually. Not because ND is profitable, which it isn't, but because they're amazing and hilarious feats of collaboration that I, for one, want to own. As I don't require those submitting openings to agree to being in the book, I need to ask permission to print your 150 words, and I need you to tell me if you want to be identified the same in the book as you are on the blog. For those unfamiliar with the books, they include openings and continuations, but no comments. Here are the authors of the first 40 openings I've chosen for volume 3:

Bernard St. James
D Jason Cooper
Dr. Billy
E.D. Walker
K.E. Stewart
Margaret Taylor
Melissa J. Rees
Scott Jones
The Green Cat

If you don't mind being included in the book, let me know and let me know how you wish to be credited. Those who granted permission for earlier volumes don't need to do this, but it wouldn't hurt.

I'll remove names from the list as I hear from people.

If you declined to be included in earlier volumes, but have now decided it would be fun to be included, let me know.

If your opening was posted anonymously, I will attempt to find your email and contact you, as there are many of you. But feel free to contact me and identify your piece.

Continuation authors automatically agree to be in the book, but if you want to be identified differently than you are on the blog, let me know.

I'll get out another batch of names later this week.


Chris Eldin said...

How fun! Yes, of course you have my permission! Could you use "Church Lady" instead of Takoda?

And will you autograph the books?


Anonymous said...

I can't believe I had to think twice before agreeing to inclusion in ND2. I am thrilled (dare I say proud?)to be part of "Novel Deviations 3". Cheers to the Evil One!!

Marissa Doyle said...

Novel Deviations 3? YES!!!!!

Smooches to EE for this.

none said...

BuffySquirrel is fine. After all, that's how I tend to be known around here :D.

(and more polite than the other ways I'm known around here!)

Sylvia said...

Hurray! Yes, I'm happy to be included and "Sylvia" is just fine. :)

Robin S. said...

Hi EE,

Is this list like the one you posted for the previosu book - you're subtracting names off as you receive answers?

Evil Editor said...


Phoenix Sullivan said...

So which will see publication first: ND3 or any works whose beginnings will appear therein? The race is on...

I'm taking bets! :o)

Too fun, EE! And Phoenix is fine.

Oh, and look -- you brought Marissa back out of the woodwork!