Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Auction Results

Those who expressed interest in the auction results will be pleased to know that the winning bid was submitted by a long-time minion who is now trying to come up with an explanation for a new-found interest in juvenile diabetes research before their spouse sees the next credit card bill. Though the query and opening for the novel haven't appeared here (yet), the author is responsible for one Q & A, and almost 20 Guess the Plots, including:

Sugar Bowl: With the town’s only bowling alley brothel threatened with foreclosure, the girls take matters into their own hands to raise the money – the hard way.

Fear Sweeney: Another wasted day of cabbage and Guinness at the pub. It was time to stop feeling sorry for himself and head for the farting contest.

Stephanie Steps Up: Bored with her tiresome literary agent husband, Stephanie decides to splurge on a depilatory regimen and try to bag a New York book editor.

Prophecy’s Sons: This eighth volume in the Prophecy Jackson decalogy finds him babysitting his six sons while his wife attends the annual convention of their fathers.

Of Gods and Men: Men use the Golden Flagon to outwit the Gods in a colossal battle for the women; the Gods say they’ll just make more.

Above the Shimmering Sky: Three desperate men and a love-starved camel set off on an impossible quest beneath the burning sands of a world turned upside-down.

The Mommy Club: Bludgeons peddled by a mysterious stranger are being snapped up quicker than Volvo SUVs by the young-mother crowd, but are the results too good to be true?

Fractured Veil: Hidden for years behind her concrete veil, Aisha’s world is rocked when she slips and falls – and Abdulrahman is there to pick up the pieces.

Murder 101: Introduction to Death: Belinda wants to take “Murder 345: Icepicks”, but she’s missing a prerequisite. Will they waive it if she kills the Albanian groutman who’s been servicing her?

Duty Boy: A first-person, present tense saga of toilet-training told by a three-and-a-half year old boy under enormous pressure.

Scarabaeus: Can Sarah Ashworth of the Newport Ashworths ever find true happiness amidst a swarm of in-laws and a dung beetle who thinks he’s god almighty?

Sleepwalking: Caught in the boat house with the new French maid, buck-naked except for his rubber horsey head, Boone needed a story and needed it fast.


Sylvia said...

Hurray! I know it doesn't really matter but it brings a silly smile to my face to hear that it's a minion.


Anonymous said...

Aw, say it, EE. The winning bid broke $2000! Way to go -- both you and the winning minion! (Deep breath minion, and two little words for your spouse: tax deduction)

foggidawn said...

Congratulations, fellow minion, and best of luck with that explanation. . . ;-)

Chris Eldin said...

Congratulations all around!!
Phoenix, you made me LOL---winning minion = winion.

Sorry, had to say it!

So, who's the winion? Any clues....
Doesn't matter I guess. I'm just curious!


Robin S. said...

I'm glad the winner is a minion - it just seems right that way.

Love your Guess the Plots- especially for Duty Boy and Sleepwalking.

I'm jealous, but happy for you.

And, as phoenix said, go for the tax deduction angle, and .."with EE editing my book, I'm sure my novel will hit the bestseller list, and I'll pay you back, I promise, honey. Honest I will."

Best of luck to you, and enjoy the trip.

Anonymous said...

This was really cool! I'm glad it was someone who really appreciates the value of what she is going to get. Both of you are awesome in my book!
The husband will come around, he may need to buy himself an expensive gizmo to help him come around, but eventually they always do.


Sandra Cormier said...

By the look of the 'Guess The Plots', I have a feeling you're really going to enjoy this minion's manuscript!

Stacia said...

I agree, I'm happy it's a minion.

But also totally jealous.

Anonymous said...

With EE on board, your pages are sure to find a happy "house" soon!

Congratulations! You are one in a minion, winion.

When the time comes, maybe you could toss an ARC this way??

PJD said...

DQ (sorry, Stacia), I'm betting EE's disappointed it wasn't you. I just cruised your blog and saw the rating you're getting. You will pop over here to tell us when your book's available, won't you? And, do Evil Minions get a special note from the author explaining to our spouses why we're buying something so... well, let's just say I'd get a special interrogation if I brought home a Jenna and it wasn't on the shopping list.

McKoala said...

Glad it went to a minion! Look forward to hearing an update (we will, won't we?!)