Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Password Update

Okay, it now appears the hacking of evledtr took place on an email account I rarely use anymore ( not my current account. So apparently I changed the wrong account's password, but now I've changed the other one as well.


Unknown said...

Hackers! When they attack my account I have freaking nightmare to endure in order to change my password. It involves a CALL to AT&T, then three tech support transfers, and twenty minutes later me cursing the day Ma Bell acquired Yahoo.

An hour after I successfully get it changed, all my accounts log me out, then I get to pick a password that is never secure enough. Three months later, rinse and repeat.

I hope your hacker gets an itchy disease and scratches him/herself to death.

fairyhedgehog said...

I hate passwords.

After the Heartbleed fiasco I've just changed all my passwords that are for what I thought were secure sites but turned out not to be, and all my passwords that have ever been used on insecure sites. I think.

The list is huge. Did I say I hate passwords?